Emotion Bridge, Therapy tool to aid Communication around Eating Disorders: Education

Emotion Bridge, Therapy tool to aid Communication around Eating Disorders: Education

The ‘Emotion Bridge’ serves as a communication device between sufferers of eating disorders and their friends or family. This discrete tool employs the principles of the Jungian archetypes to create emotive objects which resonate on contact. These have been differentiated through the design of their shape, form, texture, weight and material finish.

The product serves as a bridge of communication as well as a bridge in a sufferers rehabilitation journey. The product is intended for use between the stages of recognizing an eating disorder and receiving specialist help. This is a stage with currently insufficient services, the NHS is strained and sufferers lack the confidence to speak out.

The ‘Emotion Bridge’ facilitates non-verbal communication and raises the effectiveness of home therapy. Sufferers can communicate their emotional state, while friends and family can recognise it with ease. Designed as a part of Beat’s loaning scheme the product serves as a friendly therapy product, reducing stigmas and raising awareness surrounding eating disorders and mental health.

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Yoomoo Frozen Yogurt Experience: Interior

Interior 2: Yoomoo Parlour Interior

Brief: To re-design and re-visualize the interior of Yoomoo Frozen Yogurt parlours. The redesign must reflect the company image and their unique brand identity. Nature should be a prevalent feature within the interior to represent the companies roots in the natural world; Yoomoo only use naturally occurring produce with no artificial sweeteners to produce their range of frozen yogurts.

The resultant parlor design is quirky and unique.


Revive, Pop-up Health Bar: Interior

Revive, Pop-up Health Bar: Interior

Interior 1: Pop-up Health Bar

Open Brief: Design of interior or exterior decorative products for a quality restaurant or shop. These can be ornate sculptural elements or lighting embellishments with an ultimate purpose or end goal. Experience is fundamental to the success of the design. You should focus on environmental mood, ambience and public experience.

The pop-up health bar Revive will aim to rejuvenate the health and happiness of millions of busy individuals, without interring with their tight schedules, plans and deadlines due to its pop-up convenience. It will provide a haven and escape from the constant buzz of the urban world, with the organic design of the structure intended to juxtapose the harsh lines and architecture of the city. This pop-up experience will improve visitors health through supply of vitamin treats and juices, while unknowingly ensuring higher vitamin D levels through integration of UV lighting throughout. For those who simply can’t get enough, there are vitamin D concentration zones leaving visitors revitalised on leaving the structure. This experience fills the current gap in the market, providing the convince of a high-street store, but achieving the ultimate goal of  relaxation, rest and health as oppose to stress and worry. The aim of the structure is for it to hop from city to city, ensuring everyone is happy, healthy and rejuvenated during the dull winter months.

Modelled using a mix of Rhinoceros, Maya and Z-Brush, with Keyshot rendering software to formulate the visuals.

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Fizzco Grotto Development, Golden Dreams: Interactive

Fizzco Grotto Development, Golden Dreams: Interactive

Christmas 2018 Grotto Development for Waterside Shopping Centre, Lincoln. Client: Fizzco projects

Brief: To design a structure for Christmas 2018 at the Waterside Shopping Centre. Develop a grotto, an environment or a vehicle considering theme. Research into material and construction is fundamental, need for scaled development and models.

‘Golden Dreams’ is comprised of several grotto solutions of varying price ranges, suited to the clients requests. The design is inspired by Willy Wonka and the magic of Christmas for both children and adults. The experience is never dull, the interactive tunnel takes away the long boring wait and replaces it with a variety of immersive stages building the excitement and wonder, counting down until a final encounter with Santa. Construction, costing and leading supporting elements have all been considered, these are displayed below:

‘Nifty’ Perfume Packaging: Product

‘Nifty’ Perfume Packaging: Product

‘Nifty’ Perfume Package:

Brief: Design a sculptural perfume / fragrance dispenser with packaging, considering unusual applications and appearances.

‘Nifty’ provides a unique take on fragrance, I was determined to create a unisex fragrance which made the users lives easier. From research I highlighted the main issue surrounding fragrances being the scent dying out during the day, requiring further application. To solve this, I took it one step further with the design of ‘Nifty’, these fragrance pens can be easily slipped into a pocket or bag and reapplied throughout the day. The applicator takes the form of paintbrush, preventing loss of fragrance and target application on the go. A collection of 3 pens for differing occasions is something not yet seen encompassed within one product.

Interactive Tablecloth/ Workstation: Product

Interactive Tablecloth/ Workstation: Product

Interactive Tablecloth / Workstation:

Brief: To design a workstation suitable for 8-18 year olds. Material selection and form can be determined by the designer; However, the product must enhance the educational experience for both the user and parent. Consider portability and storage of the product when not in use.

‘Vertex’ addresses the brief by providing a flexible and fully adaptable workstation. Its aesthetic appeal is such that it isn’t obtrusive. The product can be fully personalised and switched around to suit the users personal preferences. Every one is unique, so why shouldn’t their workstations be. Constructed from patented plywood, the durable material can be folded and stored when not in use.

bOARD 5- S

‘Lotis’ Junk Ship Redesign: Technical Modelling

‘Lotis’ Junk Ship Redesign: Technical Modelling

‘Lotis’ Junk Ship Redesign:

Designed Brief: In the modern age, the Chinese Junk Boat is slowly becoming forgotten about as mechanical ships take over. In its memory, I have combined the successful ‘Star Clipper’ cruise ship and the Chinese Junk Boat. The Star Clipper proves a cruise ship doesn’t have to take the classically accepted form. The Star Clipper holds onto sailing heritage, while this concept model holds onto traditional Chinese heritage, creating a unique experience for those exploring the diverse waters of China.

Modelled using a mix of Rhinoceros and Maya, with Keyshot rendering software to formulate the visuals.

Drawn Boat Ideation 2